Svartvita Rum söker medarbetare (Sponsored Post)

- This post is for my readers in Sweden only, about a job opportunity in a design shop! -       Svartvita rum är en inredningsbutik på Kungsholmsgatan 18 i Stockholm som på kort tid tagit en självklar plats bland de etablerade inredningsbutikerna i Stockholm. Här återfinns de svarta och vita designklassikerna samtidigt som nya, små formgivare ges möjligheten att få synas. Vi är ett positivt gäng med hög ambitionsnivå som söker en ny medarbetare.   Vi söker dig som har en längre arbetslivserfarenhet och som hunnit fylla 30. Gärna varit egen men som saknat arbetskamrater. Vi vill att du ska vara självständig och driven och vara beredd att ta ett stort eget ansvar för vår gemensamma arbetsplats. Du behöver vara organiserad, strukturerad och vara extremt lösningsorienterad. Van att kavla upp ärmarna och jobba hårt när det behövs. Du ska vara en riktig entreprenör som utmanas och gillar att ta uppgiften till en högre nivå i varje steg och som inte är rädd att ta för dig. Vi kan summera det hela med att vi har en hög lägsta-nivå på allt vi gör i butiken. Vi är stolta över att kunna säga det. Om du dessutom är intresserad av webb, it och sociala medier så är detta givetvis ett plus.   Stämmer detta in på dig så är du välkommen att söka tjänsten och bli en del av Svartvita rum.   Maila ansökan till Pernilla Engström senast den 30 nov, arbetstid och tillträde enligt överenskommelse.        

Københavns Møbelsnedkeri opens The Shop Of The New, Copenhagen

    I just added a new spot on my list of places to visit on my next trip to Copenhagen. The Shop Of The New, recently launched by wood joinery Københavns Møbelssnedkeri, who are most famous for their high quality bespoke kitchens and cabinets. But they are making so much more than that, and the store is also filled with carefully chosen items from other brands.   "An unmistakable world of nordic-ness, ideas and excitement.  The shop is a showcase for diverse and eccentric objects complementing the furniture collection from Københavns Møbelsnedkeri (Copenhagen Joinery) with a selection of graphic art prints, kitchenware, skateboards, paper cuts etc."             "Expanding into bricks-and-mortar means that You will be able to touch and feel our products, and join us for a beer while testing our skateboards."               Photography: Line Klein          

Colorful – A book by star duo Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin

    This is guaranteed to be on every design fetishist's wishlist for the holidays; the new book by star stylist Lotta Agaton and photographer Pia Ulin. To celebrate their 10 years anniversary of working together they made the book - ironically named - Colorful, with a big collection of images from their collaborations.   To be released in November, and will be available at Lotta Agaton Shop and Papercut. Guess who'll be first in line on the launch day?           Via Residence Magazine        

The Apartment in Antwerp, by Vincent Van Duysen

    Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp started out as a chic dining and shopping destination, and as the guests kept saying they wanted to move in, the owners turned their upstairs apartment into a hotel. Inspired by the architect's own home, they asked Vincent Van Duysen to realize the project.               The innovative concept is described by Van Duysen as ’A collection of curiosities where each and every floor tells a story. It’s an idea, but also a sensory location that keeps on evolving as it grows.’   Graanmarkt 13 is created as a welcoming and warm home, where everyone should feel at ease with a restaurant, a shop, a gallery space and an apartment all under one roof. Quite a remarkable concept, don’t you think?           Read a very inspiring and well written interview with Van Duysen here. See all photos from the apartment here.     Photos: Frederik Vercruysse Via All Is Pretty, with thanks        

Plywood Sofa by Maliin Stoor

    I've been thinking of building something very similar to this sofa for my own home, but never really managed to get my thumb out and actually start the project. Also, I'm not a designer, so wasn't sure how to construct it. But now I don't have to, because my friend Maliin, owner of Maliins Stoore, made a prototype of exactly what I need, and she is planning to start selling it!   Now I just need a new home to put the sofa in. My landlord just let me know she wants her apartment back by January 1, so now I'm on the lookout for a new place to stay. If you have any leads on anything to rent, preferably on or around Södermalm in Stockholm, and at least 50 sqm, I'd be eternally grateful if you'd get in touch! Either here in the comments, via email or through the facebook event I created for the new home hunt. Thanks!        

Boldomatic – the Instagram for words – Giveaway!

    If you follow me on pinterest or facebook, you may have noticed my love for graphic quotes and funny statements and wordings. Sometimes I find them online and other times I write them myself. I've been using the Boldomatic app for that for about two years now, and the other day, right after I shared the above words on fb, an email dropped into my mailbox with an introduction of this anti-social graphic text-only network. They hadn't seen my fb update and had no idea I was already using their app, but since I do so and love it, I couldn't resist their proposal for a collaboration.     If you haven't tried Boldomatic before, this is what it's all about: Go to or download the app in your app store. Write a short text and share it with the community. You can also find the most popular Bolds here, and if you see someone you think is writing really clever stuff, you can follow them. Of course you can also like and re-post other people's bolds. Basically, it's like Instagram, but for words.       Just last week Boldomatic launched a webshop, where you can get products with your favourite bolds printed on them. Or write your own, if that's what you fancy. Choose from apparel, mugs, pillows, tote bags, posters and canvases in different sizes. Create a special card for your friend, or decorate your home with a poster of your favorite quote. Or simply to say "Coffee, I'm nothing without you".   To celebrate the launch, we made a little competition for you!   To participate and have a chance to win a Boldomatic product of your choice, just make a bold of your own and tag it with #EmmasDesignBlogg. The bold with the most likes wins!   A winner will be crowned on Oct 30, and contacted by Boldomatic.   Good luck!                

Unique Penthouse by Koncept Stockholm

    I think this must be the most amazing apartment for sale this week, wouldn't you agree? Although I'm not quite sure if it's actually photos or if it's a fantastic 3D render... But who cares when it looks this good? The apartment is real enough anyway, with its soaring windows and open sea views.   I like the radiator covers painted in matte gray, at the same time hiding the ugly standard radiators and adding character to the rooms. The house was built in 1912, so they fit very well with original style. This unique 159 sqm penthouse was designed by Koncept Stockholm, the same firm that stands behind successes like Story Hotel and Scandic Grand Central.   See more here.