Space Matters – a new mood board based creative gallery

  Rodeo, one of the most interesting Swedish fashion magazines, just launched a new site called Space Matters, where a collective of female creatives from different fields show what is inspiring them right now, through interactive mood boards, interviews, videos and other media. For this first season, you will find super model Frida Gustavsson, photographer Fumi Nagasaka, & Other Stories fashion designer Behnaz Aram, Elektra and Miranda Kilbey from Say Lou Lou and activist/journalist/model Yomi Abiola sharing their processes and creativity there. The editors, Nike Felldin and Lisa Corneliusson, describe the site like this: "an atelier, pin board, library, network and a collection of characters".   "Space Matters is for the people who think in pictures. Inspiring, complicated women we have encountered, and as we felt entranced by their worlds of ideas, we asked if they wanted to come and hang with us for a while."          

Looking for the perfect sofa

    I just moved into a new apartment before Christmas, and since I didn't have room for a sofa in my last home, the space in my new livingroom where it's supposed to go is now empty. I've been dreaming of a vintage Moment sofa, but they are very hard to find, so I'm starting to settle with the thought of a new sofa instead. My issue with most new sofas though, is that they are all huge and bulky, and take up a lot of space, both literally and visually. Ideally, I want the high legs and petite measurements from the midcentury Danish sofas, but the comfort of modern ones.   I have been considering the Aura from Bolia, but find its lines a little too strict, it doesn't look inviting enough for what I had in mind. Then I thought about the Söderhamn from Ikea, which is super comfy and stylish, but not quite light enough in its expression. While those are is still in my mind, I think I have found exactly what I'm looking for in the new Cloud sofa from &tradition! Designed by Italian born, Stockholm based designer Luca Nichetto, "Cloud has the defined shape of the Danish design tradition and the soft and cosy pillows of the Italian one." Cosy and welcoming, Cloud envelops the sitter as if a nest, but still maintains a clean, classic shell and silhouette. And it's upholstered in Kvadrat textiles designed by Raf Simons. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it?                    

A perfectly balanced creative mess

    I find places like the home and studio/shop of Antwerp based fashion designer Jan-Jan van Essche so fascinating. Every inch of these spaces oozes of creativity, there are moodboards, fabric samples and collected treasures everywhere. While the colour palette here is mainly natural; ranging from white to brown, it's not very strictly edited, making it obvious that this is in fact a collection of beloved items rather than a "designed and decorated" show home. I feel like we are somehow allowed to see a little bit of how the designer's mind works, what inspires them and their work.   Photographer: Nicole Franzen Read the full interview and see more photos on Freunde von Freunden            

A Fresh New Year

    It's the first day of 2015, and the new year ahead is still a blank canvas waiting to be filled with whatever content we decide to give it. I am excited to turn the page from 2014, which to be honest wasn't a very good year in my life, and look forward to many exciting adventures in the new year. The first will be a move of my blog! I'll tell you where I'm heading in a few days. As I am now on my tenth year of blogging here, I figured it was time for some change, and I'm hoping you will all come with me.   Right now though, I am enjoying the last few days of the winter holidays, trying to rest and reload after all the festivities. As I just moved into a new apartment before Christmas, I am now deep into moodboards, paint swatches and decorating plans to make the place look and feel a bit more like me.     What are your plans for the new year? Did you make any resolutions? Any exciting adventures planned?     Photo: Brian Powers        

Happy Holidays!

    Just popping by to wish you all a very happy holiday season!   If you happen to live in a place where the snow and holiday atmosphere is lacking, I recommend checking out Irene Finne's instagram, full of wintery landscapes and beautiful still lifes.                  

Valje storage system from Ikea

    I know there has been a lot of Ikea posts here lately, but can you blame me when their press photos look this good? These are some of the news coming in February, lots of new table legs and tops, and a new storage series called Valje with shelves, cupboards, drawers and wall shelves/boxes. Valje has a new simple assemblage solution, with no need for tools, just click it all together. Great news for all of us who don't love spending all evening trying to put our new purchases together, and keep misplacing that hex key all the time.   And do I possibly spot some Lotta Agaton styling here? I believe so.                  

The Vipp Shelter, a step beyond prefab

    I was very much taken by surprise when I read the news about the Vipp Shelter. I would never have guessed a house would be the next step for the classic Danish design brand! Launching their own kitchen was a bold move already, but proved successful and it has since been prized with several well deserved design awards. The Vipp Shelter is a new bold concept, namely a 55 sqm fully equipped house made of galvanized steel. All the design and deco choices have already been made for you by Vipp's head designer Morten Bo Jensen. This means that shortly after you place your order in the Vipp webshop, you can step into your new vacation house, already decked out with everything from cutlery and bedding to lighting and furniture. You just bring a weekend bag and food, the rest is already taken care of!   The first shelter is placed in a secret location somewhere "in the wilderness" in Sweden, and I heard there will be a contest later to guess where it is. Time to start looking around then!