DIY: Small trestle legs

Make your own nursery furniture


- Planed boards, width 100 mm (aspen, pine, birch, etc)

- ball head screws

- countersunk screws

- glue

Saw the parts:

• Four legs, length 550 mm, angle 10°

• Two wedges, length 100 mm, angle 10°

• Intermediate piece, 600 mm

• Top piece 700 mm

• Bottom support, length determined based on the height you have chosen for the piece p>


1. Fix the legs onto the wedges with glue and screws.

2. Fix the intermediate piece onto the legs.

3. Fix the top piece with countersunk screws.

4. Saw the bottom supports and fix them onto the structure.

5. Round the edges with sandpaper.

Susanna Vento and Samuli Niskanen Photo by Kristiina Kurronen

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